Maktub Zakka is a Spiritual Community. We love to connect with people.

We welcome all kinds of cooperation ideas. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to connect.


Become Our Supplier

We are looking for spiritual products from all over the world.

With the help of our online and offline retail platform,

suppliers can easily promote your products to people who love spirituality in an efficient and targeted way.


Wholesale Discount

Retailer can purchase from our spiritual product catalog easily with a low MOQ requirement.

We are also the sole-distributors for various spiritual products around the world.

We welcome retailers/resellers of any size.

As far as you want to promote spiritual product to your audience,

we will be your strongest backup for products.


Gift Inquiry/Corporate Bulk Purchase

According to client’s requirement, we can provide products with tailor made logos, design and packages.

We also offer corporate discounts for large quantity bulk orders.


Media Cooperation

We would love to promote to more people about spirituality and how to live a life in peace.

Media are welcome to contact us for any media cooperation offers.


Request Sample Shooting

We have a very comprehensive spiritual and new age product catalog,

we welcome media and influencers contacting us for product samples.



If you are an influencer who would like to promote our products to your audience,

you can join our affiliate program.

Each time your audience purchase from us,

you will get a share of the revenue.



Maktub Zakka Spiritual Shop is operating a franchise business in various form not limited to retail business.

For example, a spiritual café, a spiritual hostel, or a spiritual bookstore.

We welcome franchise partners from all over the world.

Please contact us if you would like to co-create any kinds of spiritual business with us.


Brand Crossover

Maktub Zakka Spiritual Shop is a spiritual community,

and we are also a brand representing a lifestyle of love and peace.

We welcome any kind of brand crossover that can facilitate the promotion of well being of people.